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The idea of the founder of Vispero Gmbh, Life - Hope - Connect.

Nearly 30 years of business experience in different industries, such as in mediation in the employment of staff, furniture and wood processing, chemistry and medicine, as well as in classical trade in European environment have inspired us to develop a system through which we want to build a bridge. We know the demands of the market and the challenges of the candidates, we take everyone ‘by hand’ the same way. A win - win situation as effective as it can be.

Our team consists of specialists in the recognition of the potential and needs of candidates and our ordering parties.

 Complex compound of specialists of various successful companies in mediation industry in employment and their confidence in ordering parties and customers allows these new pathways to continue and be built. 

We thank you for that perfect blend.

"Fate shuffles cards, we are playing."
Arthur Schopenhauer

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