our values

If there was one phrase that we could say to describe our Vispero values, and which we have kept to ourselves all these years, it would be this: "Let us be human before anything else".

You might think, "well, I understand, that's not hard", but, that what we at Vispero think of when we say it involves many things that we will try to define one by one.

We have never and will never put profit before human welfare. This means that we take this approach in our daily actions and in every decision we make.

We take each individual seriously and take an individual approach, talking to their family and getting to know the personal circumstances of each candidate in detail to understand their problems, concerns and fears and expectations and accordingly plan the best possible way of migration. It doesn't matter if we have to travel several kilometers and how many hours of conversation we have to spend. This decision is made by everyone on a human basis from his heart, which candidate needs how much attention and care.

We follow this attitude not only towards our candidates but also towards our own employees who do not see and do their work with great commitment and effort as if they were part of a family. Vispero is not just any job but much more.

Equal treatment of all candidates is paramount and we act towards each candidate as we would wish to be treated if we were candidates considering moving and migrating to a foreign country and taking this difficult step.

Transparency in everything we do. From the very beginning, we have strived to provide all candidates who place their trust in us to make this important life decision (to leave their home country and migrate with their family) with the highest level of transparency in all of our steps and actions.  This means above all not to conceal hidden risks and difficulties that life in Germany brings with it, or to leave them out as half-truths. That is why we see ourselves as mediators and not as merchants who have to advertise something. This would not be acceptable for Vispero.

Integrity towards our clients, candidates and employees. We face our clients with the highest integrity. We deliver more than we promise even if this is not recognized or compensated. We stand by our candidates and the employees of Vispero GmbH as part of a large family that bears a great responsibility.

Freedom. The principle of freedom and free will is interwoven in our very own company philosophy. Our principle that all employees should know everything has been practiced for years. This allows everyone to take on a different role in the company if the current one becomes too monotonous. Candidates have no obligations to us and do not enter into contracts with us. If a candidate finds an offer that seems better to him, he is free to make his own decision at any time without any legal consequences.

Our attitude as Vispero is clear. People's life choices are difficult and complex, for this reason we must never stand in the way and support where we can.

Help the candidates even if they are not placed through Vispero Ltd. A lot of candidates have gone to Germany without support, through collagues or other agencies. Candidates who have chosen one of these ways often reach their limits and do not manage to deal with the bureaucracy, embassy or recognition problems on their own. We are nevertheless always also for these humans with advice and often also with act as to the side stood and support these humans from your problems to solve. We do this with heart and mind and without ulterior motives, so that this Canadian can continue on the path he has chosen.



 The idea of ​​the founders of Vispero GmbH, Life - Hope - Connect. Therefore, we choose this name.

 We are the bridge between people and companies, between idea and implementation.



 We compensate gaps of the labor market through qualified, culturally and linguistically conversant candidates from Southern Europe. A spokesman for the enterprises and a companion for candidates.

We analyze, advise, create solutions and implement the same.



 Optimal and healthy absorption of potential of expert staff from the region in which the professions, which are deficit in Germany and Western Europe, are still not that.

We create a platform for companies in the region of Southeast Europe and open the door without the horrible investment.